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Can You Work While Studying in Spain?

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Many students from around the world come to Spain to study. One common question they have is whether they can work while studying. This guide will explain the rules and options for working in Spain with a student residence card.

Can a Student Work in Spain?

Yes, students in Spain with a student residence permit (student visa) can work, but there are some important things to know.

Working with a Student Residence Card

If you are in Spain with a student residence permit and are studying for:

  • Higher education (like university)
  • Official job training programs
  • Courses leading to professional certification

You can work without needing a separate work permit.

Requesting a Work Permit as a Student

If you are studying something other than the above (like language courses), you need to apply for a work permit at the Foreigners Office. Here are the steps and requirements:

1. Work should not exceed 30 hours per week:

The job must not interfere with your studies.

2. Internships:

If your internship is part of your study program and agreed upon by your school, you don’t need a separate permit.

3. Higher Education and Professional Courses:

For students in higher education or job training courses, you can work without a separate permit.

Example Scenarios

Maria’s Story:

Maria is studying for a Master’s degree in Spain. She wants to work part-time in a local company. Since she is in higher education, she does not need a separate work permit. She can work up to 30 hours a week, and her job schedule does not interfere with her studies.

Pedro’s Story:

Pedro is in Spain learning Spanish. He wants to work as well. Since his course is not higher education or professional training, he needs to apply for a work permit. He and his potential employer must provide the necessary documents to the Foreigners Office before he can start working.

Important Notes

  • For higher education and professional courses: Students in these programs can work (both as employees and self-employed) without needing a separate work permit.
  • Duration of Permit: Your work permit will be valid for the same duration as your student residence permit. If your student permit is extended, your work permit can also be extended.


With this informative guide we only aim to simplify the process for international students wanting to work in Spain while studying.

If you need help with immigration procedures or applying for Spanish nationality, seek legal help.

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